Bioregional GreenWorks is a permaculture business that GIVES BACK while simultaneously growing a network of change-makers working in cooperation. We co-operate through the permaculture lens of 'People Care + Earth Care + Future Care/Fair Share' assisting individuals, projects, organisations as well as government and private entities around the world move beyond sustainability and into high positive-impact abundance.

Increasing Healthy Food Security and Regenerative Water Security while Growing Economic Opptys in CA

Gift a Garden


In some respects, Los Angeles, California paves the way toward tremendous opportunity—prosperity, even—for some of its population. And yet, despite economic triumphs and landmarks praised around the world, a staggering 1.5 million(+) L.A. county residents live without their basic food needs being met, as food insecurity continues to skyrocket -  [40%] in recent years. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way; immediate solutions do not require billions of dollars and rocket science-level initiatives. They require nature-based ACTION.

While limited access to healthy, nutrient-dense foods is merely one of many challenges facing Los Angeles County today, Bioregional GreenWorks deems it critical that this issue attain immediate, appropriately measured attention followed by proactive engagement. This region need not continue to exist in a situation so dire—with your help, the action yearned for can begin implementation sooner rather than later.

The Bioregional GreenWorks team has harnessed together a multidisciplinary array of individual expertise in forming this new entity: a worker-owned cooperative focused on delivering nature-based solutions via the ethically-based holistic science of permaculture. This ethical science inherently pursues each level of an initiative through a fundamental lens of “Earth Care, People Care, and Future Care.” Ultimately, our goal is to provide high-impact, long-lasting, positive contributions toward a myriad of community challenges within the Los Angeles area. Bioregional GreenWorks will take proactive steps toward interrupting destructive trends that affect both people and the planet, while implementing life-affirming nature-based practices that support the dignity of both.

The first majorly far-reaching wind in our sails is the Los Angeles based project entitled “Gift a Garden”—an exciting multi-benefit initiative with sights set in ready-to-accomplish practical solutions.

The path is laid out by two main objectives:

  1. Increase access to fresh, nutrient-dense (healthy!) food for persons in need across the Los Angeles region.

Here’s how: By delivering eco-friendly food growing systems, along with proper training that ensures continual abundant healthy yields, even the smallest of spaces can become productive and beneficial for Gift a Garden recipients. Trees, rainwater catchment, and other sustainable systems will be added wherever applicable; gardens will be customized to maximize advantage potential for both people and nature alikethat’s the permaculture way.

 wicking bed

One specific, extremely resourceful component of the Gift a Garden program consists of utilizing repurposed food-grade IBC totes (intermediate bulk containers, approximately 2’x4’x4’ in size) for low-maintenance, robust, water-wise “wicking bed” food garden implementation. Such equipment is often discarded and readily available through business operations such as restaurants and shipping, secondhand.

2. Establish an edible plant nursery within Los Angeles County.

This will be the central hub from which all of our better than organic seeds, seedlings and plants for upcoming projects are derived; in order to realistically fulfill the supportable growth Gift a Garden anticipates, a large, steady supply of bioregional-specific seedlings and seeds is vital.

The most productive, environmentally sound option, while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and overall cost, would be to propagate our plant needs within an ecologically sustainable, expertly-designed, well-maintained parcel of land somewhere within L.A. County. Fortunately, Bioregional GreenWorks has recently entered into a Lease/Purchase Agreement that will allow us to purchase such a parcel of land a mere 15 miles from downtown L.A. This long term land access guarantee will ensure we meet this requirement.




Additional benefits of the initiative include:

We mentioned earlier that Gift a Garden is a multi-benefit initiative. Here are some expected outcomes, direct and indirect, associated with successful execution:

(photo copyright: Geoff Lawton/Discover Permaculture)

  • Paid training and scholarship opportunities for the unemployed, under-employed, and other in-need populations across Los Angeles County.
Training may include water-wise propagation of plants for food, fiber and medicinal purposes, beekeeping, small animal systems, and design + installation of wicking bed gardens and related.
This will ultimately help broaden avenues toward gratifying, meaningful work and, ideally, eventual business ownership. The previously incarcerated may also derive value here, as stable reintegration options curb the tendency for recidivism, or habitual relapse into crime.
  • Evapotranspiration
Adding more plants over time to any one area naturally promotes a cooling effect throughout the surrounding vicinity, reducing the heat island effect in urban regions currently devoid of sufficient vegetation/plant coverage (this is sometimes referred to as “climate landscaping”).
In addition, the planting of more trees and other foliage plants assists in revitalizing small water cycles, a point of interest when examining drought and the progressing desertification across the state of California; additionally, with measured effort, it is possible to reduce (even eliminate) wildfires by way of this process.
  • Increase in mental and physical health among recipients and their families.
Access to consistent nutrient-dense foods and lush greenery has a positive holistic effect on the human mind and body. Youth especially will inherit indispensable benefit through lifelong skills and firsthand exposure to empowered lifestyle norms and cleaner air.
Our initial crowdfunding goal is $150,000. All of your Gift a Garden crowdfunding project backing contributions will go devotedly toward project launch and operation expenses, which include but are not limited to:
  • Partial costs of the aforementioned parcel of land
  • Purchase of two RV’s and utility trailers (used, but reliable—we aren’t picky!) which the Bioregional GreenWorks team would utilize for quick, efficient execution of work, block-by-block, unfettered by the high price of housing associated with L.A. County
  • Relevant project equipment, supplies,
  • Labor costs

Grateful as we are toward our financial backers and cheerleaders, Bioregional GreenWorks has prepared a list of gifts to give back as a humbled, resounding “Thank you!”

Thank You Gifts for Our Backers of This Initiative:

Gift a Garden Supporter:
$10 Level - Your backing of this initiative is greatly appreciated. Many karma points your way and you will be listed on the dedicated Gift a Garden Supporter Wall on our website. THANK YOU!!

Gift a Garden Seed Starter:
$25 Level - Receive 'Supporter' level perks plus 3 of our upcoming permaculture expert Q+A online sessions to answer your gardening and permaculture questions, no matter where you may reside in the world or your choice of two
informational booklet downloads on various permaculture topics from our upcoming library of resources. THANK YOU!

Gift a Garden Grower:
$50 Level - Receive 'Seed Starter' level perks plus a custom Gift a Garden "GROW WITH IT" coffee mug.THANK YOU!

Gift a Garden Change-Maker:
$75 Level - Receive 'Grower' level perks plus your business (or group) will receive name recognition as a sponsor of 4 upcoming permaculture expert Q+A online sessions. Alternatively, you may choose to receive 2 Gift a Garden "GROW WITH IT" coffee mugs. THANK YOU!

Gift a Garden Ra‌in Maker:
$100 Level - Receive 'Seed Starter' level perks plus a Gift a Garden special edition 'Founders' t-shirt. THANK YOU!

Gift a Garden Permaculture Circle:
$150 Level - Receive a Gift a Garden special edition 'Founders' t-shirt plus one night tent stay on our 8 acre plant nursery located less than 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy hiking, exploring, learning whatever we may b
doing with the land that day and don't forget the beautiful big open star-filled night sky. Alternatively, you may choose to receive a Gift a Garden special edition 'Founders' t-shirt and a "GROW WITH IT" coffee mug or your business
(or group) will receive sponsorship recognition on each page of our website for 6 months. THANK YOU!

Gift a Garden Sponsor:
$250 Level - Your business (or group) will receive sponsorship recognition on each page of our website for 1 year. THANK YOU!

(Higher levels of backing are customized and we are also open to mixing up the above menu. Send an email to to let us know what you have in mind. Let's create something fruitful and magical!)

Bioregional GreenWorks is a worker-owned cooperative and benefit corporation striving to serve communities in need. Worker-owned cooperatives tend to have a wider beneficial impact than conventional businesses and often fill community service gaps. This is accomplished while simultaneously raising the living standards of members who many times derive from populations underserviced by the current economic system. Our permaculture focus specifically guides to ensure we are viewing all our efforts through the lens of People Care, Earth Care, and Future Care. BioRegional Greenworks also seeks to expand economic opportunities to populations in-need via our upcoming Gift a Garden and other future training programs.

Your backing of this project is not charity nor is it tax-deductible. Once this initiative becomes operationally self-sufficient, the Gift a Garden project may become its own worker-owned cooperative with members that may include the aforementioned trainees of this project, thereby transitioning said trainees into business owners at the culmination of this journey.


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