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The US West Coast is in a State of Early Desertification. The Good News is We Can Fix That Within One to Two Years, if we Start Today

We opened up our email this morning and what do you think we saw?

CA farmers burning crops due to drought


Dear Governor Newsom and other CA elected officials,

This article in the L.A. Times is the definition of insanity. CA's ability to feed itself is shrinking while we stroll (willingly) into the early desertification of the entire west coast of the USA despite the existance of highly effective low-tech, nature-based solutions. Let's change that! It's easier to do than you may think.
There's a budget surplus in the state of CA and water restrictions everywhere with absolutely no large scale effort to add partner components to those restrictions to increase cost effective local, small scale food production, grey water diversion and re-use and rain water catchment. There is no current action from the state of CA (that we are aware of) to financially support an immediate wide-spread effort to establish Victory type gardens which could help build soil to assist in the regeneration of small water cycles while feeding people with clean, nutrient dense food. (Los Angeles county alone has approximately 1.5 million food insecure people residing in one of the weathliest counties in this country. How is that even possible?!). Urban areas house close to 70% of the world's population today.
Simultaneously, the state could use a bit of that surplus to ACT NOW to financially support delivering rain water catchment and grey water diversion/re-use systems to every house, apt complex, condo assn and business that will accept one in order to begin wise water usage and Get Ready for winter rain catchment. CA currently sends a staggering amount of rain water down the drain every winter from rooftops, sidewalks, streets and other similar areas...more than many people realize. And an added you know how many swimming pools there are across the state of CA?! Can you imagine incentivizing the use of those backyard pools for rain catchment?
The solutions to ending drought and even destructive wildfires are sitting in plain view if elected officials would like to take a few moments to review Biology 101. If not, there are many of us who would be very happy to present all of the information to you and then work with you to make immediate positive changes happen.
Bioregional GreenWorks (as well as many other groups) have the know how and the will to do this work. Dear elected officials, please contact us at today.  LET'S DO THIS!
Respectfully and Sincerely,
The Bioregional GreenWorks Crew