Bioregional GreenWorks is a permaculture business that GIVES BACK while simultaneously growing a network of change-makers working in cooperation. We co-operate through the permaculture lens of 'People Care + Earth Care + Future Care/Fair Share' assisting individuals, projects, organisations as well as government and private entities around the world move beyond sustainability and into high positive-impact abundance.


NOTE: This page gets updated regularly. Please check back often!

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 There are many ways to get involved in the Re-Generation work we are building:

Remote Opportunities:

  • Back the Gift a Garden crowdfunding effort for "Increasing Healthy Food Access and Ending Food Insecurity for 1.5 Million People in Los Angeles county, CA while Growing Economic Opptys for Those in Need via Related Training Programs"
  • Contact Us to join our new Bioregional GreenWorks Scholarship Friends group. This is a volunteer-run group that assists in the growth of our need-based scholarship programming. The scholarship program will eventually become its own entity (NPO) and will have both volunteer and staff positions. The goal is to HAVE FUN, BUILD COMMUNITY around Earth Care-People Care-Future Care and HELP OTHERS, all at the same time.
  • Stay updated on announcements, new opportunities and more via our newsletter, on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We are currently accepting resumes for the following upcoming remote openings (paid and volunteer). Feel free to send your resume with cover letter to with the subject line: resume and 'the position you may be interested in')
    • Administrative Assistant 
    • Project Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Online Shop Coordinators (One or more part-time/full-time positions in each state in the USA are currently available.)
    • Online Event Coordinator
    • Government Project Coordinator
    • Faith-Based Project Coordinator
    • Zip-Code Community Coordinator 
    • BG NPO Manager (leads the effort to establish our non-profit arm) 
  • If you have an interest in our project development in the Los Angeles, CA area, please join our BG-L.A. facebook group at
  • If you have an interest in our project development in the New Orleans, LA area, please join our BG-NOLA facebook group at:
  • If your aligned, ethical business may be interested in sponsorship opportunties either locally or nationally, please contact us.

    Los Angeles County, CA Based Opportunities:

    • Permaculture Designer
    • Garden and Permaculture Design Installers
    • Green Roof Designer
    • Green Roof Installers
    • Natural Building (design and build)
    • Local Project Sponsorship Coordinator - feel free to send your resume with cover letter to with the subject line: LA SponCoord
    • Upcoming Permaculture Job Training and Worker-Owned Cooperative Business Development Training in Los Angeles: for those who are work-ready and unemployed, under-employed or for those seeking a work change, please reach out to us via our contact form for additional information.
    • Contact us to discuss partnering with Bioregional GreenWorksusing your residential backyard, acreage or commercial grounds for our permaculture job training and worker-owned cooperative development projects. Projects can include improvements to your property at very little or no cost to you. Projects range from urban farming, agrihoods, food forests, edible landscapes, rain water catchment systems, aquaculture, farm transitions to regenerative agriculture to drought mitigation and wildfire prevention, water retention, storage and groundwater recharging, ecological waste systems, storm water mgmt and more.
    • Contact us to sponsor an upcoming project in Los Angeles County. 
    • We are considering bringing on a like-minded residential co-owner who may wish to build a home on the Bioregional GreenWorks land located less than 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles, CA. Please feel free to contact us with your interest and for additional information.


    Current Supply Needs (donations are appreciated - purchases as well as sponsorship exchanges can also be arranged). Please contact us for additional information:

    • Food-grade IBC totes
    • 2 RVs or buses that can be converted (must be mechanically reliable)
    • Tool and equipment shed
    • Gardening tools and equipment of all kinds
    • Food crop heirloom or organic seeds, seedlings or trees native or suitable to southern CA 
    • XL size yurt or similar for on-site care taker accomodations on our land 
    • Greenhouse/s
    • Rain water catchment supplies
    • Fencing supplies
    • Compost toilets
    • Carpentry and plumbing sevices




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