Bioregional GreenWorks is a permaculture business that GIVES BACK while simultaneously growing a network of change-makers working in cooperation. Operating through the permaculture lens of 'People Care + Earth Care + Future Care/Fair Share' we endeavor to assist individuals, businesses, and organisations as well as governments to move beyond scarcity or sustainability and into positive-impact actions that lead to abundance.


Our Local Network Partners Are Interested in Connecting with Like Minds & Potential Members:

  • You are reliable, dependable, drama-free and trustworthy.

  • You are friendly, mostly positive, somewhat flexible and have a good sense of humor. Building a project as large as this is very doable but not easy so we are bent on having fun and supporting each other along the way.

  • You have the passion and drive to be a key part of ensuring the success of this type of project for everyone’s benefit.

  • You are currently practising in the areas of permaculture food forests, green roofing/walls, permaculture hemp, visual arts, music or other arts, learning about any of the aforementioned or you are willing to learn about it and then put it into practice.

  • You understand that many of our network projects are in the early planning stages and will require time, energy and effort on everyone’s part to reach a successful fruition.

  • You acknowledge that whatever property a GreenWorks location may occupy may be land previously taken involuntarily from indigenous and POC and you agree that each location cooperative will endeavor to fully research this possibly and act accordingly. To GreenWorks that means connecting with the past and pro-actively creating acknowledgement and also cooperative action.

If you may be interested in possibly joining one of our network project locations as a member, please visit the project's direct link or contact us. Skill sets currently sought include:

  • Start-Up project planning (A-Z)
  • Worker-Owned Cooperative formation and legal paperwork administration
  • Funding research and planning
  • Property research and negotiations
  • Retail shop management (physical and e-commerce)
  • Program planning
  • Permaculture site planning and design
  • Food forest design and planning
  • Bookkeeping and accounting

In addition to letting us know about your skill set/s, please also include a little bit of personal info about yourself, which location you may be interested in and what you’re looking for. Please use this contact form to reach us.

Thanks for your interest!