Bioregional GreenWorks is a permaculture business that GIVES BACK while simultaneously growing a network of change-makers working in cooperation. Operating through the permaculture lens of 'People Care + Earth Care + Future Care/Fair Share' we endeavor to assist individuals, businesses, and organisations as well as governments to move beyond scarcity or sustainability and into positive-impact actions that lead to abundance.

Online Shop Giving List

Our Online Shop is Coming Soon...Help Us Decide Who/Where to Donate 50% of the Shop's Annual Profits

online shop

 Sign Up for our E-News to learn when the BG Shop goes Live. 10% of the subtotal of EACH SALE (not 10% of profits - big difference) will be donated to regenerative projects doing the work of 'earth care - people care - fair share/future care' around the world. (Important Note: This equates to 30% - 60% of this shop's annual profits, depending on item/s purchased)

You can help us decide who to put onto the donation GIVING LIST to by emailing your suggestions to and using the subject line: Giving List. In your email, please send us the following info on who you would like us to add:

  • Name of Project, Org, Group or Business (they DO NOT have to be a non-profit to receive our support - we want to support as many good works as possible whether they are for-profit or coop or non-profit, individual efforts or of Mondragon proportions) and also what earth care - people care - future care work they are doing.
  • City, State, Province, Country, etc. (they may be located anywhere in the world)
  • Their Website Address (yes they must have a URL to somewhere so we can see what they are doing)
  • Their Email Address

If you do not include all of the above, we will not be able to include your suggestion at this time as we are a small crew right now. We appreciate your suggestions to help us help as many of our fellow regenerators as possible.

In the near future, you will be able to choose 1 name from this Giving List to be the beneficiary of 10% of the subtotal of your purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Imagine if every retail shop decided to do this! Talk about mutual aid!!




Your Beneficiaries on the Giving List Thus Far:

Agrarian Trust

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Bionutrient Food Association

Black Farmer Fund

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Cal-Earth Institute

Center for Economic Democracy

Cooperation Jackson

Coral Restoration Foundation

Films for Action

Foundation for Louisiana


Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Healthy Gulf

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Local Futures/Economics of Happiness

Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Louisiana Watershed Initiative

Mangrove Action Project

Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

National Young Farmers Coalition

New Economy Coalition

Next City

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Perma-Aid Fund

Permaculture Research Institute

Plants for a Future

Project Drawdown

Regenitech Group

Sacramento Native American Health Center

Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana


Society for Ecological Restoration

Soil Carbon Coalition

Soul Fire Farm

Sustainable Food Trust

Textile Exchange

Transition US

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Yes Magazine