Bioregional GreenWorks is a permaculture business that GIVES BACK while simultaneously growing a network of change-makers working in cooperation. Operating through the permaculture lens of 'People Care + Earth Care + Future Care/Fair Share' we endeavor to assist individuals, businesses, and organisations as well as governments to move beyond scarcity or sustainability and into positive-impact actions that lead to abundance.

Support Our Work: Buy Us a Coffee!

Support Our Work: Buy Us a Coffee!

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We appreciate the support we've received so far since we've begun laying the foundation for the mapping of resources and gaps in order to begin efficient delivery of training and services in Los Angeles county. As a start-up, our coop members are not yet receiving payment for their work so when you buy our coop members a cup of coffee (or tea for some), it goes a long way in boosting our efforts and we most certainly APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT!

Our coop members are working around the clock to launch our permaculture + worker-owned cooperative model in Los Angeles county (and beyond) to assist in:

  • increasing the availability of and access to clean, nutrient dense food in communities where needed while simultaneously restoring ecosystems which draws down carbon, increases groundwater recharging and reduces heat and drought. With a 40% increase in food insecurity within L.A. county in recent years, bringing the total number of food insecure persons to an appalling level of 1.5 million+ people, additional solutions are needed asap.
  • reducing food and textile waste - The United States discards 80 billion pounds of food per year or 30%-40% of the entire US food supply and more than 17 million tons of textile waste ends up in ever-shrinking landfill space every year. We will assist in helping to divert and utilize the waste that still needs to be repurposed.
  • building human waste biological treatment alternatives to reduce the amount of raw sewage being released into oceans, rivers and other waterways in communities across the USA
  • reducing unemployment, under-employment, recidivism and homelessness with training and employment programs
  • increasing financial stability in communities by turning workers into worker-owned coop business owners
  • (and more)

(Bioregional GreenWorks is a social enterprise. More specifically, we are a permaculture worker-owned cooperative. Any support received to assist our members during this start-up phase is not tax-deductible and very much appreciated.)