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Stainless Steel Sugar & Creamer Servers
Stainless Steel Sugar & Creamer Servers
Stainless Steel Sugar & Creamer Servers

Stainless Steel Sugar & Creamer Servers

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  • Perfect for kitchen, restaurant table top, hotel room service, and family use

  • Heat Resistant Durable Carafe - Keeps milk/creamer hot for long durations

  • Classic Spout with Hollow Handle - Elegant & Easy Use

  • Features a Flat Vented Lid for easy pouring and table service

  • Reusable, Easy to clean, store & carry - Available in different styles

Pride Of India - Stainless steel servers is a perfect compliment to your favorite tea and coffee accessories due to their small and sleek ergonomic application. They have an attractive "carry & go" and "easy to pour" design that blend with majority of accessories in the market. We recommend you to use this with PRIDE OF INDIA - TEA POTS and COFFEE MAKERS for the best experience.

Pride Of India brings the finest Indian tea that is organically cultivated on the fertile misty slopes of the Himalayas and carefully selected for its unique taste. Our ethically sourced single origin tea is hand picked, expertly blended, and sustainably packaged to nurture your health by providing essential nutrients in your diet.